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From owning and managing several businesses throughout the years allowed Mr Wat to broaden and diversify his understanding of the hardship of everyone's effort to help design and create a product worth its real value.

Travelling overseas and to various local Thai regions has enabled Mr Wat to learn that there are many amazing and exquisite handicrafts not as exposed and recognized as they should be, as well as being sold at a lower cost than its real value or worth. For the duration of his travels, he discovered that with each handicraft that is produced, connects a beautiful and meaningful story behind them.

We, the founder and co-founder believe that with considerate attention and focus on pioneering decent designs and marketing, it would help increase its product value thus, being able to sell at a reasonable price. More importantly, it would help create a sustainable income to local Thai artisan's household and their community.

With over 70,000 local communities throughout the provinces of Thailand, we ethically source and work closely with the local Thai artisans to help bring together a transformation in creating a sustainable livelihood their respective villages.

Therefore, we strive and commit to helping alleviate poverty by creating and empowering more jobs to those less fortunate than and by raising the minimum wage to meet the minimum standards. Furthermore, we take environmental impacts seriously thus, we are mindful in the wastage of natural resources

Thank you for shopping with us and being a part of our sustainable journey to help create better lives.


We emphasize in empowering Thai local artisan and alleviate the poverty in local area by creating sustainable livelihood in their respective village and using their nature resources and also creating the opportunity for foreign customer to entry fair trade and crafted product which has beautiful background story behind it.

Moreover, we have developed the platform to make it easier for Thai local artisan in communicating and working with us. For price, we emphasize fair trade systems by asking price from Thai local artisan base on true cost with their profit and also, we do pay Thai local artisan in advance before they start doing production.

Additionally, we do preserve these handcraft masterpiece and folk wisdom those has been passing from generation to generation and alleviate the poverty in local area.