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Why VT THAI is so special and unique

Thailand’s true beauty and originality are some of the kingdom’s many national treasures. These wickerwork has existed in Thailand for over 200 years and passed from generation to generation.

Why machine cannot do it

Years of experiences with a lot of practices and techniques are required to do the followings:

  • To cut materials into strips
  • To weave the patterns beautifully
  • To weave strong and beautiful rims with rattan strips
  • To select quality bamboo and rattan palm for the rim making
  • To peel rattan palm and cut strips so that you can weave a round shape

natural material found in their respective villages in different part of Thailand gives different color of raw material because of the difference in mud, season, weather, river and atmosphere around there.

At the end it will give you different color, it is similar to wine grown in each country which give different taste of it. Importantly, depending on the region, the designs of the baskets will vary due to different cultural, historical elements and the source of material.

Why it cannot be produced in as mass production

The beauty of thai handicraft product is the process of making them. It could take more than a month to finish one product and almost a couple of weeks for preparing the material for weaving.

Why we should buy handicraft from VT THAI

  • When you buy wicker work from around the world is different from buying from Thailand.
  • When you buy the wicker work, handicraft or handcraft work from Thailand, you have bought the story telling, history and Thai way of life (named in Thai as “VT THAI”) and good to keep it for admiring and pass them to the next generation.
  • For example, Water Hyacinth has been brought by King Rama V to Thailand more than 100 years ago. At first, Water Hyacinth has been planted in the palace and then King Rama V has given to his royal family in the palace and then they have given to Thai people.
  • For Krajood ‘Sedge’, Krajood has the similar story as wine that is planted in each part of those countries. Also only 4 province that Thai people can found this Krajood and this is the beauty of it; Krajood found in each part of Thailand has given you the different color due to the mud that need to use for mixing with the Krajood before weaving.
  • For other handicraft product, Thai people use it from natural gift around their respective village and then create the masterpiece of handicraft product, which is last long and exist more than 200 years. 

Shipping Policy

  • For our shipping service, we use shipping service from ThailandPost which is reliable and has 100% insurance on what you have ordered.
  • Also you can track the goods by adding the tracking number in www.thailandpost.com after we have given you the tracking number.
  • Or when the tracking number in our website status appears as delivering. 

International Shipping Policy

If your order was placed with VTTHAI Marketplace, dispatch and delivery timelines will vary due to some product are made to order while some come from rural area around Thailand.
When orders dispatched internationally reach the destination country, they may be subjected to customs clearance procedures which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates. 

Status of Shipping Policy in VT THAI

  • Processing
    If your order was placed with VTTHAI Marketplace, dispatch and delivery timelines will vary due to some product are made to order while some come from rural area around Thailand.
  • Delivering
    We will deliver gently to Thailand Post service and notify you.
  • Arrival
    The goods has been arrived at your destination. 

Customs, Duties & Taxes

  • Buyer or recipient is the importer and must comply with all laws and regulation of the destination country.
  • Order shipped outside of Thailand maybe subject to customs duties, import taxes or fees required by the destination country
  • Additional charges for customs clearance, import taxes or fees must be fulfilled by the recipient.
  • VTTHAI has no control over these charges, nor can VTTHAI predict what they may be.
  • Customs policy vary widely from country to country, buyer is responsible to contact your local customs office for more information.
  • When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.


Full refund or free replacement for products lost or damaged during delivery (proof or damage or loss required).


If you are not happy with your item please contact us and we will do our best to sort things out.