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Meet Our Artisan Partners

Mrs.Arun Ma-iad

Artisans from Pang-Nga

She has spent almost all of her lifetime given to small craft communities in south area of Thailand by coaching and teaching them about craft by using nature resources.

She brought those Seagrass and transform them into stylish items such as wicker bag.

Mrs.Jaruayporn Kerdsem

Artisans from Chainat

She is very proud of her folk wisdom that has been passing from gener ation to generation and be the major role in her Craft society to create sustainable livelihood in every small household in her village.

She uses nature resources in her village called water hyacinth and transform them into valuable items such as bag and home decoration.

Mrs.Jantira Suthiprasert

Artisans from Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Work in specific local craft community which craft items mostly made from rattan over 100 years by using traditional pattern and folk wisdom that has been passing from generation to generation.

Mrs.Suthima Prommee

Artisans from Chainat

Her intention of continuing the hyacinth weaving work from the ancestors because they believe that these wisdoms are valuable and will generate a wealth of income in the future when they are ready to learn and improve crafting.

Mrs.Lakkhana Kokfai

Artisans from Roi Et

Sedge (Papyrus), natural resources is transformed into a household appliance by folk wisdom that has been passing from generation to generation. Nowadays, it can be used as a bag that can genera additional income for the family.