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Marla Clutch Bag (Red)

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- Size : 7 cm width x 24 cm length x 20 cm height

- Sedge is a grass-like plant that can be found in many regions across Thailand. For centuries, local villagers in North-eastern part of the country weave sedge into various household objects such as baskets and mats. Often times, these woven products are sold to make extra income for the family, but the practice is slowly fading away due to a lack of local market demand.

- In an attempt to preserve the traditional way of living, VT Thai works with local weaving community to create a product that is more relevant to today’s fashion. Partnered with Mango Mojito a traditional sedge mat is fused into a leather handbag creating a sophisticated purse that embodies the Thai traditional spirit. 

- A perfect everyday handbag that is lightweight and suitable for any occasion.